Managing Cost

Inexpensive therapies are often effective in treating infertility. Up to 30% of our patients become pregnant using oral medications alone and more than 50% of our intrauterine inseminations (IUI) result in pregnancy within 3 tries. Fertility treatment costs increase if more advanced technologies are required. Depending on your insurance plan, diagnostic testing may be covered, however, most plans do not cover infertility treatments. In consult with each patient, our specialists prescribe the therapy most likely to result in pregnancy while considering many factors, including cost.

We offer a 100% Money Back IVF program, IVF multi-cycle discounts, low interest financing, and income based discounts in order to help patients afford care. We do everything possible to keep costs down, while helping patients to achieve the desired results.

Consultation Fees

During the initial consultation, we provide patients with as much information as possible regarding diagnostic fertility tests needed, specific treatment options, and the fertility prognosis. Many insurance companies pay for the initial consultations (co-pay may be required and deductibles may apply). The full price for the initial consultation varies based on the amount of time spent with the patient and whether the patient has had previous infertility treatment. Diagnostic testing is not included in the cost of the consultation.

Initial Consultation

Full fee for servicevaries $220 – $393

Follow-Up Appointments and Consultations

Fee for follow-up office appointmentsvaries $70 – $225
Follow-up visits on phonevaries $99 – $337

Costs for Treatment

Prices listed are the prepaid cash discount package price and are subject to change. Insurance may cover some of these tests and services.

Common Charges for IUI and IVF Related Treatments

Baseline Ultrasound (additional office visit fee will be charged at $70 minimum)$338
Ovarian Assessment Report$145
HSG (hysterosalpingogram)$453
Semen analysis with Kruger$218
3D SSG (Saline Sonogram)$421

Single Fresh IVF Cycle

Conventional IVF stimulation$7,876Monitoring and blood work$800
Moderate stimulation with antagonist$6,606Monitoring and blood work$900
Low stimulation without antagonist$6,290Monitoring and blood work$800

IVF Multiple Cycle Discount*

Multiple Cycle discount plans include the indicated number of fresh cycles and any frozen cycles associated with those fresh cycles. Patients must apply for and be approved for this program.

Two fresh cycle package$16,299
Three fresh cycle package$19,319
Four fresh cycle package$21,733

Initial consultation, pre-cycle testing & surgery (if needed), anesthesia (if needed) and medications are not included in these package prices.

Anesthesia Fees (if needed): $325 if paid by check or $340 if paid by credit card

Common Charges for IUI and IVF Related Treatments

Baseline Ultrasound$330
Ovarian Assessment Report$145
Semen analysis with Kruger strict morphology$268
3D SSG$43

IUI Costs

(includes semen preparation with basic semen testing and IUI procedure)

Baseline Ultrasound$330
Follicular ultrasound$286
Estradiol (E2)$114
Progesterone (P4)$64
Luteinizing Hormone (LH)$70
HCG (pregnancy test)$45
Venipuncture ( blood draw)$36

Costs for Infertility Drugs

We recommend patients needing FSH stimulated cycles consider applying for Compassionate Care Medications from EMD Serono.

Medications from Outside Pharmacies

There are many variables that affect which medications may be needed making a precise cost estimate very difficult. Medications are purchased through outside pharmacies so we try to steer patients to the most cost-effective medication sources.

Using Insurance

Our billing team evaluates each patient’s benefits and treatment plan to help patients understand what insurance will pay. Many insurance plans cover the initial evaluation and diagnostic testing. Regretfully, many insurance carriers do not cover infertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Our physicians are In-Network with many insurance companies, but not all specific insurance plans.

We strongly encourage you to check with your insurance plan to see if your doctor of choice is In-Network, and if not, determine if your plan has Out of Network benefits and if infertility testing and treatment are covered benefits. RCC is the preferred provider for the following insurance companies

(Please note, not all RCC physicians are paneled with each of these insurances):

Aetna (most Utah connected plans)
Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Healthwise & Value Care
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Idaho
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Wyoming
(not paneled with Blue Cross Focal Point)
Blue Cross Federal

Coventry Health Care Workers Compensation
Coventry National Network

EBMS (First Health Network)
Educators Mutual (EMI)
First Health Network
Health Utah (Tall Tree & Direct Care)
Multiplan Network
MHBP (Mailhandlers)

PHCS (Private Health Systems)
PEHP (Advantage, Preferred & Summit)
Advantage and Preferred
Private HealthCare Systems

Select Care
Select Care Plus (Dr Gililland only)
Summit (PEHP)

Tall Tree Administrators
United Healthcare
Wise Network

Financial Assistance

Our financial counselors work very closely with each couple. We believe financial circumstances should not prevent families from having the child of their dreams.

RCC offers many programs to help patients afford infertility treatments including an IVF 100% Money Back Guarantee program, multiple IVF cycle discount, low interest loans, income based discounts, and grants.

IVF Loan Application

RCC works with patients to help them plan for costs associated with infertility treatments. We offer several innovative programs such as our IVF 100% Money Back Guarantee. You deliver a live baby or your money is refunded.

For qualifying patients, financing is available through Reproductive Care Finance, PC (an RCC affiliated company) or through CapexMD. Financing is available up to 80% of the cost of a Global Single Cycle. For the IVF Money Back Guarantee Package plan and the IVF Discounted Multiple Cycle Program, 100% financing is available.

Low interest rate loans have reasonable repayment terms for patients needing IVF with rates varying, starting at 4% APR with an average of 10-14% APR, depending on the credit worthiness of the applicant. Complete our online application or contact us at

Once we  receive your application with supporting documents (last 2 pay stubs & last 2 years of filed tax returns) we can usually provide a decision regarding approval within 1 week. Supporting documents must be submitted to our Billing Office via email, fax (801-878-8890) or by dropping documents off to one of our clinics.

Download this form.

Self-Pay Patients

Options are available to help patients afford infertility diagnostic and treatment services. Typically, our services are paid for in one or more of the following ways: insurance, fee for service, financing (IVF only), and more. Contact RCC to learn more about our self-pay options.

There is a 2% discount for paying with cash or check.

Income Based Discounts

Income based discounts are available for couples with a Federally adjusted gross income less than $60,000 for the past two years. The maximum discount possible is 30% off single cycle IVF or IUI, with the average discount awarded around 10%. Gross income (W2, 1099, K1, self employment and farm income) for the past 2 years, a copy of your last tax return, and a copy of the last pay stub for an individual, if single, or both last pay stubs for couples must be provided.

Patients must determine their most cost-effective option if they qualify for multiple discounts as discounts cannot be combined.

Download Income Based/Grant Discount Form

Military Discounts

Active duty military personnel and their spouses may qualify for a 5% discount that can be applied towards the Global Single Cycle plan with associated fees. Discounts do not apply to outside labs or medications nor do they apply to storage fees.

Patients need to determine their most cost-effective options if they qualify for multiple discounts as multiple discounts cannot be combined.

Other Discounts

RCC offers a failed cycle discount for patients who do not have IVF insurance coverage. We also offer a 5% discount to patients returning for a fresh IVF treatment cycle after a successful delivery.

Price Matching

We will match (and beat by 2%) any legitimate written quote for similar services in Utah. Some exclusions apply such as storage fees, matching special, free, or significantly reduced IVF or other services due to special drawings or promotions that are limited in nature.


Grant money donated by former patients is available to help offset costs for need based patients seeking to grow their families. Please contact the billing office to get more information regarding qualifying for this grant money.

Download Grant Application form

Additionally, local infertility support groups regularly hold events co-sponsored by RCC in which grant money is awarded to attendees. Please see the links to these organizations at the bottom of our Home page and also look for upcoming events in the Events section on our website.

Money back guarantee

Watch Video

The goal of all patients is to have a baby and those choosing the IVF Guarantee Program will either have a baby or our fees are refunded.

Choosing to pay for single cycles can be less expensive if pregnancy occurs within two cycles, however, some patients will need more than two cycles. If you don’t have a baby after completing the guarantee program, your refund can be used for further treatment or to pursue other options.

We offer two types of guarantee programs:

Fresh Cycle

Your eggs are used

Prices Start at$24,143 plus possible premiums
  • Up to 4 fresh IVF treatment cycles.
  • All available frozen embryo transfers between IVF cycles
  • 100% refund of our fees if you don’t have a baby

* Initial consultation, pre-cycle testing and surgery (if needed) as well as medication such as estrogen and progesterone are not included in the package price.

You must apply and be accepted for this program. Diagnostic testing must be completed and, based on the results, additional premiums may apply. Over 90% of patients are accepted.

Frozen Donor Egg

Donor eggs are used

Prices Start at$36,947
  • Up to 4 frozen donor egg IVF treatment cycles (4 thaw, fertilization and transfer cycles)
  • Donor screening fees
  • Donor medications
  • All available frozen embryo transfer cycles
  • All treatment fees including anesthesia*
  • ICSI
  • Donor compensation and insurance
  • 100% refund of our fees if you don’t have a baby

* Initial consultation and pre-cycle testing and surgery (if needed) are not included in the package price.

Medical criteria must be met in order to purchase this package. When all basic results are in, our nurse will perform a chart review to determine qualification.

IVF Multiple Cycle Discount

We offer a pre-paid discount for multiple IVF cycles. This includes any associated frozen embryo transfer cycles.

Two, three, and four-cycle packages are available. The contract is fulfilled when a baby is delivered or all purchased cycles are completed, whichever comes first. Multiple Cycle Discount Plans include the number of fresh cycles shown below and any frozen cycles associated with the fresh cycles.

Multiple cycles include cryopreservation, storage and all associated embryo transfers as outlined in the contract.

* Initial consultation, pre-cycle testing and surgery (if needed) as well as medication such as estrogen and progesterone are not included in the package price.

Two fresh cycle packages$16,299
Three fresh cycle packages$19,319
Four fresh cycle packages$21,733